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On June 11, 2015, an old couple in the UK picked up a "Euro Millions" lottery ticket from kerala lottery results today predictionthe trash can and won the £1 million (956) prize. They changed from a "pauper" to a "local tyrant". The 71-year-old Jody Hodick from Argyll, Scotland is an old lottery player who buys two EuroMillions lottery tickets every Tuesday and Friday. On May 29th, he bought two of them as usual, took a rough look, but missed them, and threw the lottery ticket into the trash can, and then complained to his wife Betty that he had become a "pauper." So Betty pulled out the two lottery tickets from the trash can and took them to the store where Hodick bought the lottery tickets to review the results. The British "Daily Mail" quoted Betty as saying on the 9th that the store manager looked pale and shook his body after seeing the lottery. "He told me I need to find a chair to sit down." It turned out that one of the two lottery tickets won £25 (239 yuan) and the other won £1 million. The old couple felt the feeling of pie falling from the sky. They plan to give Betty's mother and six children a big red envelope, and they need to change a house. However, they emphasized that this award will not change their lives. really? (Xinhua News Agency micro-feature) (Huang Min)__('://..//2015-06/6654607.')

EuroMillions has a maximum jackpot of €190 million (₹14.5 billion), at which point it can stay for four more draws before it must be won in the following draw. The cap was reached as recently as October 2017, when the prize was eventually won by a single ticket in Spain. Because the lottery has so many players, the prize value for matching the second tier requirement of five main numbers and one Lucky Star can often see the winners receive more than €1 million (₹76 million).

It is reported that many residents of Roquetas, a coastal town in southeastern Spain, won the biggest Christmas lottery. When the grand prize came out, the residents of the town went out to celebrate wildly, holding the winning lottery ticket, and having fun together.

India successfully launched the first lunar probe "Moonship 1" in October 2008, and it obtained a large number of images and detection data. However, "Yue Chuan No. 1", which was originally planned to operate for two years, lost contact in August 2009.

Our technical solutions provide convenience to lottery players, bring benefits to retailers, and most importantly, provide lottery issuers with a good opportunity to obtain more sales from new and old lottery consumers," said Jitai Chief Marketing Officer. Operation Officer Oknorr said. "I am proud of our tripartite collaboration and innovation initiative and the excellent execution of the development team composed of tripartite personnel. "

For the Australian Powerball results to be announced on Thursday, July 3kerala lottery results today prediction0, 2020, the winning prize pool is AUD 60 million. The draw will be announced at 8:30 pm Eastern Time, and the winning numbers will be updated soon.

After receiving the award, Yang told the media that although he won the big prize, he would not increase his investment in buying the lottery. When the staff asked him if he would continue to buy lottery tickets as before, he said: "The goal has been completed!"

Aranha has been based in Dubai for the past 16 years and has participated in Dubai duty-free store promotions for 15 years. Aranha won the lottery with two colleagues who shared the ticket prices with him. He said he now wants to save a portion of the prize money for his daughter's higher education. "Gulf Today" quoted him as saying: "I will save part of my daughter's education, and my daughter is currently studying business administration in the United States."

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